For decorations

Specific recipes for decorating techniques, from simple shavings to piping bag decorations; they help you create and keep your designs looking good.

A little extra touch to make your baking recipes a delight to behold. Specific recipes for ICAM chocolate: for processing and decorating techniques, from simple shavings to piping bag decorations; they help you create and keep your designs looking good.

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Caramel Cream
Chocolate Nuances - Chunks Spiced Milk
Chocolate Nuances - Chunks Hazelnut Milk
Dark Chocolate CHOCO COCO
Nocciochiara cream
Milk Single Origin Madagascar
Dark Single Origin Cuba
Chocolate Nuances - Chunks Milk and coffee
Chocolate Nuances - Chunks passion fruit
Chocolate Nuances - Chunks Blueberry
Cloe ZeroP
Nosetta ZeroP
Chocolate Nuances - Chunks Pistachio
Chocolate Nuances - Chunks Raspberry
Chocoyo - White chocolate with yogurt
Moreska Cream
Caramel Milk
Vanini - Aurum
Cocoa butter drops
Cocoa Paste Sur del Lago Venezuela
Dark Grand Cru Sur del Lago - Venezuela
Perù - Dark chocolate drops ~ 9000 pcs/kg
Natural Cocoa 10/12 Single-Origin Peru - see label
Rice Crispies
White Chocolate ChocoCrock
Milk Chocolate ChocoCrock
Dark Chocolate ChocoCrock
Nougat Chips
Organic Selected Chocolate Nibs
Crunchy Flakes
Vanini Cream
White Chocolate Glasover
Milk Chocolate Glasover
Dark Chocolate Glasover
Prestige Dark Chocolate Glasover
Edelweiss White Cream
Icam Dark Chocolate Icing
Extra Dark Chocolate Cream
Elisa Cream
Dark Chocolate Cream ZeroP
Hazelnut Cream ZeroP
White Cream Fillmilk ZeroP
Grand Cru Bagua Native - Peru Origin - Cocoa Mass
Sweetened Cocoa Powder min 45%
Dark Cocoa Powder Cacao 22/24
Dark Cocoa Powder 22/24 with Vanilla
Cocoa Powder 22/24
Fat-Reduced Cocoa Powder 10/12
Cocoa 22/24 Nacional Arriba Single-Origin Ecuador
Cocoa Paste
Nacional Arriba Cocoa Paste Single-origin Ecuador
Cocoa Paste Single-Origin Uganda
Grand Cru Cocoa Paste Los Bejucos Dominican Origin
Dark drops Pinhead ~ 20,000 pcs/kg
Dark drops Mini ~ 12,000 pcs/kg
Dark drops Mignon ~ 9,000 pcs/kg
Dark drops Medium ~ 7,500 pcs/kg
Chunks White
Chunks Milk
Chunks Dark
White Morbido
Dark Morbida
Dark Intense Pro
White Edelweiss
White Vanini
White Organic Chocolate
Milk Gianduja
Milk Senza Zuccheri Aggiunti (No Added Sugar)
Milk Modella
Milk Prestige
Chiara (Light) Milk
Milk Regina
Milk Vanini
Milk Organic Chocolate
Milk Gran Cru Pachiza Origin Peru
Milk Grand Cru Los Bejucos Dominican Origin
Dark Senza Zuccheri (Sugar Free)
Dark Modella
Dark Madesimo
Dark Mabel
Dark Bittra
Dark Regina
Dark Diamante
Dark Vanini
Dark Organic Chocolate
Dark Grand Cru Pachiza Peru Origin
Dark São Tomé Single Origin
Dark Madagascar Single Origin
Dark Ecuador Single Origin nacional Arriba
Dark Dominican Single Origin
Dark Uganda Single Origin
Dark Grand Cru Los Palmaritos Dominican Origin