Spreadable hazelnut gianduja cream that is temperature resistant. The selection of high-quality vegetable fats ensures excellent technical performance. The cream maintains its structure with the right degree of softness, extraordinarily creamy and incredibly light even after baking. Moreover, it has a natural flow and maintains constant consistency even at high room temperatures. The pleasant hazelnut flavour is authentic and natural: the high percentage of Italian hazelnut paste (14%) is of superior quality. The clean and naturally intense taste does not require any added artificial flavourings. A touch of natural vanilla flavour completes the taste profile


Operating recommendations

In pastry

Perfectly spreadable, it is ready to use just as it is. It can be used directly in baked products, before or after cooking: leavened doughs (brioches, croissants and Danish pastries), tarts, cakes and flaky pastries. Can be used for fillings at room temperature. Perfect for small icing work and decorations. Versatile and extremely easy to use, it guarantees excellent results.

Pack size

Cod. 7555 6 Kg Bucket

Product Features

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