Company certifications

100% Made in Italy

Certification issued by the Istituto Tutela Produttori Italiani (Institute of Protection of Italian Manufacturers), which ensures that the products are:

– Entirely manufactured in Italy

– Made from Italian semi-finished products

– Built with high-quality, first-choice natural materials

– Made according to the company’s exclusive designs and projects

– Built according to typical Italian traditional artisanal processes

By entering, on the internet, our code highlighted in the paper (www.IT01.IT/1130.104.F), you open the certifying authority webpage, with the ICAM certificate.

The organic segment

Since way back in 1997, ICAM has been convinced of the importance of adopting an organic approach, and it was the first Italian chocolate manufacturer to rise to the organic challenge.  
ICAM’s organic approach means respect for the natural characteristics of its products. No chemical and microbiological treatments are used, and production complies with the times and methods established by nature for each stage in the chain: from growing, preparing and storing the ingredients to processing them. Specific requisites vary from one country to the next, but in general require compliance with a series of standards and regulations governing production, growing, conservation, processing, packaging and shipping. These include:

  •     not using chemical or synthetic products, genetically modified organisms or irradiation at any     stage of the production process
  •     growing ingredients on agricultural land on which no chemical substances have been used for a considerable number of years
  •     traceability and the adoption of a documented production system
  •     keeping organic and conventional products strictly separate from each other
  •     regular on-site inspections

ICAM is able to guarantee exactly where its cocoa comes from and to offer all markets products compliant with national and international organic farming standards.


NOP(Organic USA)

The National Organic Program, indispensable for access to the organic segment of the US market.

Organic (EU)

Certification of compliance with the EEC Regulation that sets the European standards for organic farming and derived products. The EU organic farming logo offers customers a guarantee regarding the origin and quality of food and drink products. Products bearing the logo are compliant with the EU Regulation on organic farming.

Sustainability certifications

These certifications attest to ICAM’s commitment to the environment and to people. Through the improvement of farming practices, ICAM works hand in hand with farmers to deliver visible results in terms of stable harvests, thus boosting both quality and profitability.
ICAM guarantees farmers fair prices and lasting purchasing contracts, as well as a margin for reinvestment in social and healthcare projects.

Fairtrade (FLO)

FAIRTRADE ITALIA is an international organisation whose ethical certification mark ensures better living and working conditions for producers and workers in developing countries.  
Fair trade is a commercial partnership that endeavours to guarantee greater fairness in international trade, offering better trading conditions to producers in the South of the world.

Product certificates

ICAM’s approach is geared towards total quality and a prompt response to the latest trends in consumption, and this is confirmed by a number of specific product certifications requiring compliance with stringent quality regulations, thus offering further guarantees for the customer.

Lactose free

The guarantee for the safeguard of lactose intolerant consumers is provided by Elllefree srl (www.ellefree.com). This guarantee is given to products suitable for consumption by people with an intolerance to lactose products, following an audit of independent certification.

Gluten free

This certification guarantees that the products’ gluten content does not exceed 20 mg/kg, and are thus suitable for consumption by people with coeliac disease.

A selection of gluten free products of the ICAM Professional Line is present in the Handbook of the Italian Coeliac Association (AIC)


ICAM also offers products with no ingredients of animal origin in the product and in the package, suitable for consumption by vegan people.

Kosher Dairy

This certifies that dairy products are prepared in compliance with the particular Jewish dietary rules. The milk used must have Kosher certification.


In Hebrew, KOSHER means “suitable” or “appropriate”, and the term is generally used to describe foods prepared in compliance with the particular Jewish dietary rules. This certifies that the food complies with the Jewish diet as established by the Torah.


Halal Global is the Control and Certification agency in charge of issuing HALAL certification for products. HALAL certification guarantees that the product complies with the dictates of the Muslim religion at all stages of the production, packaging and distribution process. Muslim consumers are thus assured that products guaranteed as Halal are compliant with the Shari’a.