Single Origins: the intense flavour of cocoa

This range summarises the Agostoni ideal of genuine sustainability: quality of life and a quality product, virtuous economic growth and a vision for the future, both for consumers and the people involved in production.

Icam selects its single origin chocolates from countries that are the birthplace of cocoa. The result is a high quality chocolate range with surprising aromatic notes, distinctive characteristics expressing the typical features of each area, each type of cocoa plant and each individual harvesting season. These are the perfect products for creating recipes in which the full-bodied taste of a chocolate with great personality is celebrated.

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Milk Single Origin Madagascar
Dark Single Origin Cuba
Perù - Dark chocolate drops ~ 9000 pcs/kg
Natural Cocoa 10/12 Single-Origin Peru - see label
Cocoa 22/24 Nacional Arriba Single-Origin Ecuador
Nacional Arriba Cocoa Paste Single-origin Ecuador
Cocoa Paste Single-Origin Uganda
Dark São Tomé Single Origin
Dark Madagascar Single Origin
Dark Ecuador Single Origin nacional Arriba
Dark Dominican Single Origin
Dark Uganda Single Origin
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