Baking chocolate

Baking chocolate: full-bodied with an intense taste.

ICAM baking chocolate – chocolate chunks and chocolate chips – is full-bodied and has an intense, clean taste. The recipes with chunks and chips have been developed to withstand cooking at high temperatures. The chunks are available in different versions: dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate; while the dark chocolate chips are available in four different weights, each one of which is ideal for specific applications. ICAM baking chocolate is perfect for making cakes, croissants, bread and buns, biscuits and pastry bases.

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Chocolate Nuances - Chunks Spiced Milk
Chocolate Nuances - Chunks Hazelnut Milk
Chocolate Nuances - Chunks Milk and coffee
Chocolate Nuances - Chunks passion fruit
Chocolate Nuances - Chunks Blueberry
Chocolate Nuances - Chunks Pistachio
Chocolate Nuances - Chunks Raspberry
Chocolate sticks
Perù - Dark chocolate drops ~ 9000 pcs/kg
Dark drops Pinhead ~ 20,000 pcs/kg
Dark drops Mini ~ 12,000 pcs/kg
Dark drops Mignon ~ 9,000 pcs/kg
Dark drops Medium ~ 7,500 pcs/kg
Chunks White
Chunks Milk
Chunks Dark