Dark chocolate couverture

Dark chocolate couvertures: the authentic taste of cocoa

ICAM Linea Professionale dark chocolate for couverture has been designed to guarantee the maximum performance in implementing the best recipes. ICAM dark chocolate couvertures are the result of the blend of the very best beans from a variety of geographic regions: a comprehensive selection of single-plantation, single-origin couvertures or blends of noble origins (Central and South America, Africa) with a distinctive, but never overly aggressive flavour, and an intense, lingering aroma. The range of dark chocolate couvertures meets the requirements for various types of use: the couvertures are distinguished by the percentage of cocoa and cocoa butter, ranging from very high percentages to milder blends, where sweet and bitter are blended to different degrees.

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Dark Chocolate CHOCO COCO
Dark Single Origin Cuba
Dark Grand Cru - Chimelb
Dark Grand Cru Sur del Lago - Venezuela
Chocolate Igloo Bittra
Dark Morbida
Dark Intense Pro
Dark Senza Zuccheri (Sugar Free)
Dark Modella
Dark Madesimo
Dark Mabel
Dark Bittra
Dark Regina
Dark Diamante
Dark Vanini
Dark Organic Chocolate
Dark Grand Cru Pachiza Peru Origin
Dark São Tomé Single Origin
Dark Madagascar Single Origin
Dark Ecuador Single Origin nacional Arriba
Dark Dominican Single Origin
Dark Uganda Single Origin
Dark Grand Cru Los Palmaritos Dominican Origin
Organic Dark Grand Cru Bagua - Peru Origin
Dark Grand Cru Los Bejucos Dominican Origin