Dark chocolate couverture

Dark Intense Pro

Dark Intense Pro


Dark chocolate coating for technical use, expresses itself best in professional use. The different balance between cocoa mass and sugar and a recipe with reduced cocoa butter gives it a strong and pronounced personality, even with only 60% cocoa. A strong and persistent cocoa flavour, bitter and gently cocoa, a well balanced acidity, dried and fresh fruit aromas are almost imperceptible.


Operating recommendations

In chocolatier

Thanks to its technical characteristics, the product is suitable for technical and professional use: to create ganaches and basic chocolate fillings and also whipped soft creams.  For its intense and round flavour profile, it is well suited to be used quickly and easily in personalised combinations.
Not suitable for modelling, coating and moulding hollow shapes.

In pastry

To give a stronger flavour to custards, baking chocolate bases, but also in making creams for catering and other types of chocolate sauces as profiteroles, etc. The particular recipe, rich in cocoa fibres, brings a dark and intense colour to mousses and creams. Ideal for modelling chocolate.

In ice cream making

Thanks to its strong taste, it is particularly suitable in the preparation of ice cream and frozen desserts such as semifreddo cold desserts and parfaits, taking advantage of the reduced amount of cocoa butter. Even in the normal preparation of ice cream, the colour intensity takes great advantage of the reduced-fat recipe

Taste profile

Dark Intense Pro Full taste profile

Pack size

Cod. 8323 4 Kg Bags (3 Bags per Case)

Product Features

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ICAM Professional dark chocolate couverture from the very best beans has been developed to offer great taste and the maximum performance when implementing the best recipes.