Summer Rocher
by Salvatore Toma

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Summer Rocher

Component 1Fluorless Pro Intense Dark Chocolate 60% biscuit

500 g Albumens
170 g Sugar
100 g Egg yolks
500 g Pro Intense Dark Chocolate 60%
120 g Butter

Whip the albumens with the sugar at foamy snow, add the liquid egg yolks. At the end distemper with the melted chocolate together with the butter.
Lie down in sheets and cook at 160°C 12’ VA.

Component 3Raspberry and coconut gelèe

1000 g Coconut puree
500 g Raspberries
400 g Sugar
35g Pectin NH
50g Sugar
3pz Vanilla bean
50g Lemon juice
30% On the final weight of invert sugar in addition

Heat the puree with the whole raspberries and sugar. Add the pectin premixed with sugar and subsequently the vanilla bean and lemon juice. Cook at desired consistency. Weigh and add the percentage of invert sugar. Pour.

Component 4Hazelnut praline Uganda 78% semifreddo

320 g Uganda Single-Origin Dark Chocolate 78%
320 g Cream 35% mg
320 g Invert sugar
160 g Fine TGT Hazelnut Praline 55%
800 g Italian meringue
2200 g Half whipped cream

Realize a ganache with the first cream, invert sugar, praline and chocolate. Realize and add the meringue. Add the half whipped cream.


Build the cake or the single portion and put it in a blast chiller.


Demould, glaze and decorate as desired.