SimeManù Cake
by Gaetano Mignano

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SimeManù Cake


Recipe created in collaboration with “Dolce e Salato” magazine.

Component 1Chocolate Biscuit

140 gr Egg white
10 gr Weak flour
70 gr Egg yolks
70 gr Sugar
70 gr Butter 84% mg
140 gr Dark Chocolate Pro Intense 60% cacao

Mix the Pro Intense Dark Chocolate and the tempered butter at 50°C, add the sieved flour and mix everything. Add the egg yolks one at a time by mixing. Whip the egg whites in the food mixed at a medium to high speed and gradually add the sugar. Continue for another 2 minutes reducing the speed. Add the egg whites into the mixture stirring by hand with a spatula. Lay on a 30×40 cm tray and cook at 180°C in a static oven for 7-8 minutes. Once the cooking is completed, allow to cool down on the grill.

Component 3Cream base (Custard)

250 gr Fresh Cream
250 cl Milk
100 gr Egg Yolks
50 gr Sugar
q.b. Tangerine Zest

In a bowl put the zest in milk and cold cream. Leave covered in infusion for at least 20 minutes.

Filter, add sugar and yolks while stirring and cook in microwave. Bring the cream to 82°C.

Component 4Milk Chocolate and Tangerine Mousse

43 gr Cream base
95 gr Milk Chocolate Grand Cru Los Bejucos
1 gr Jelly
150 gr Cream not too whipped

Soften the jelly in cold water. Melt the Milk Chocolate Grand Cru Los Bejucos – Dominican at 40°C and mix with the cream base still warm (about 40°C). Melt the jelly in the microwave and mix it with the mixer. Thin the mixture with cream not too whipped. Keep refrigerated.

Component 5White Chocolate Mousse

65 gr Cream base
120 gr Organic White Chocolate
1.5 gr Jelly
220 gr Cream not too whipped

Ripetete il procedimento della mousse Cioccolato al latte e mandarino.Versate nello stampo e abbattete.

Nota bene: il Cioccolato Bianco Biologico contiene la vaniglia naturale in piccoli pezzi e apporterà al preparato il gusto naturale della vaniglia biologica del Madagascar.

Component 6Orange Chocolate Spray

100 gr Cocoa Butter
100 gr Organic White Chocolate
q.b. Orange food dye

Break the Cocoa Butter in flakes, add to the Organic White Chocolate and melt at 45°C. Mix the orange dye.


Build the layer cutting out a 16cm diameter disc from the blast chilled Chococrunch base. Pour inside the milk chocolate and Tangerine mousse and overlay a disc (16cm diameter) of chocolate biscuit and blast chill.

Take a 18 cm diamenter and 4cm high circle and fill it 2/3 full with the White Chocolate mousse. Take the layer and put it inside the white mousse disc with the biscuit layer facing downwards. Level up and blast chill. With a spray gun cover with velvet effect. Decorate with Milk Chocolate Curls.