Milk chocolate couverture

Milk chocolate couverture: the balance between cocoa and milk

A vast range of milk chocolate for couverture, from single-origin chocolate to organic couvertures or ones with no added sugar; with the intense, distinctive flavour of cocoa to sweeter, milder flavours with notes of caramel. ICAM milk chocolate couvertures are designed to meet the sophisticated requirements of professionals, to guarantee excellent performances for a wide variety of uses. The different percentage of cocoa, the fluidity and flavour profile that distinguish each milk chocolate couverture, make them unique and suitable for specific uses. Just as the intense and sophisticated flavour is unique, where the aromas of the cocoa blend with the full taste of milk.

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Milk Single Origin Madagascar
Caramel Milk
Milk Chocolate Ambra - Cocoa 40%
Milk Chocolate Igloo Intense
Milk Senza Zuccheri Aggiunti (No Added Sugar)
Milk Modella
Milk Prestige
Chiara (Light) Milk
Milk Regina
Milk Vanini
Milk Organic Chocolate
Milk Gran Cru Pachiza Origin Peru
Milk Grand Cru Los Bejucos Dominican Origin