Chocolate and chocolate couvertures: a recipe whatever the need.

ICAM Linea Professionale chocolate is the result of a detailed study stemming from a partnership between the R&D Laboratory and ICAM’s team of technical advisers, with the aim of offering chocolate for professional use that guarantees excellent performances in chocolate, confectionery and ice-cream making. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate and gianduia couvertures, white chocolate and baking chocolate:  every chocolate recipe for professional use differs according to use, technical performance and flavour profile. ICAM chocolate is the guarantee of superior chocolate in terms of taste, in line with consumer trends and certified to international standards, a source of inspiration in implementing the best recipes. To help you in your selection, all the products, in addition to the technical data (cocoa, butter, fats, sugar and milk) are accompanied by a graph of the flavour profile, by the fluidity and advice on how to use them.

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