Dark chocolate couverture

Dark Grand Cru - Chimelb

Dark Grand Cru - Chimelb


From a land where man has found a balance with the environment and from a project aimed at conservation, sustainability and social responsibility, comes a blend of Trinitario cocoa with a highly aromatic profile. Located in the heart of the forests in the region of Alta Verapaz, the Finca Chimelb is a one-of-a-kind plantation where the cocoa grows alongside coffee, cardamom, pineapples, eucalyptus and rubber trees in an exceptionally wide cultivated area. Here eco-sustainable cultivation is implemented by identifying the best practices suited to the climate and local territory.

The result is a chocolate with a taste that is sweet and smooth, yet intense and persistent. It has an aromatic cacaotè profile with distinctive notes of dried fruit and a pleasant hint of coffee.

Recipe with no lecithin


Operating recommendations

In chocolatier

Extraordinary for tasting, bars, and pure squares, or combined with dried red fruit, or red fruit jelly (such as the filling for chocolate drops), or pure chocolate ganaches – even those that use only water – it enhances all aromas.

In pastry

Recommended for light mousse desserts, subtle combinations with a palette of red fruits or pure vanilla cream. In base products, great in sponge cake without flour or in dough.

In ice cream making

Perfectly suited to give structure to semifreddo cold desserts, ice cream, or chocolate sorbet.

Taste profile

Dark Grand Cru - Chimelb Full taste profile

Pack size

Cod. 6806 4 Kg Bag (3 Bags per Case)

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A fine sweet and smooth, yet intense and persistent cocoa comes from one of the original birthplaces of cocoa, from a culture where the seeds were of primary importance for the economy and society and of which there is evidence of its use and consumption dating back to pre-Colombian civilisations.

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ICAM Professional dark chocolate couverture from the very best beans has been developed to offer great taste and the maximum performance when implementing the best recipes.