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Dark Chocolate Glasover

Dark Chocolate Glasover


Dark chocolate couverture with the clean, pleasant taste of cocoa, balanced sweetness and no aftertaste. The significant total fat content makes it superbly fluid and glossy. Intense, dark chocolate brown colour.


Operating recommendations

In pastry

Ideal for classic confectionery, for all products that require icing, and fillings for chocolate coated cupcakes, cremini chocolates, petit fours with triple clef decoration and biscuits. Suitable for mixing with other ingredients for creams and fillings. Quick and convenient for coating traditional Italian leavened cakes such as panettone, colomba and pandoro. Also excellent on coated products that have been frozen. Does not require tempering. Melt and use at 40°C. Solidify, if possible, at 15°C.

In ice cream making

Suitable for coating ice cream on sticks and cones, ice cream bonbons hard ice cream and semifreddo. Does not require tempering.

Pack size

Cod. 7804 2 pcs per 5 Kg Bags
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