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Icam Dark Chocolate Icing

Icam Dark Chocolate Icing


Extra-soft, easy-to-spread, dark chocolate icing with a distinct, dark chocolate flavour. Contains no hydrogenated fats.


Operating recommendations

Recommended temperature for use: about 32/33°C when glazing.

In pastry

Because this glossy icing cuts cleanly without cracking, it is perfect for icing chocolate cakes (Sacher and traditional Italian festive cakes such as panettone, colomba, chocolate logs, etc.) Suitable as a sauce for desserts served in bowls or on plates, as well as soft desserts. Melt the icing at 32/33°C, in the microwave as well, stir and ice without tempering.

In ice cream making

Ideal for icing semifreddo.

Pack size

Cod. 7303 5 Kg Bucket

Product Features

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