Cocoa: powder, butter and paste

Dark Cocoa Powder Cacao 22/24

Dark Cocoa Powder Cacao 22/24


Strongly alkalised cocoa powder (pH 8) with 22/24% cocoa butter. Very dark reddish brown colour. Pure, intense taste with no vanilla.


Operating recommendations

In chocolatier

Idea for making classic hot drinking chocolate, spreadable creams and truffles.

In pastry

Ideal for icing, as a flavouring for confectionery bases, for creams and biscuits.

In ice cream making

When preparing ice cream and sorbets, the absence of vanilla means you customise the amount used so that the cocoa becomes the key flavour in ice creams and cold desserts.

Pack size

Cod. 4240 10 Kg Bag
Cod. 4898 4 pcs per 5 Kg Bags

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