by Salvatore Toma

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Component 1Pear and grappa gelatine

500 g pear purée
500 g apple purée
100 g sugar
25 g pectin
1000 g sugar
200 g glucose 42 dextrose equivalent
50 g dry grappa
as required vanilla
22 g citric acid solution 1:1

Heat the purée, add the pre-mixed pectin with sugar, stir and cook.
Slowly add the glucose and the sugar heated beforehand and heat to 74/75 degrees Brix. Add the grappa and the citric solution at the end.

Component 2Chocolate cake with Uganda dark chocolate 78% cocoa

600 g butter
350 g Uganda Single-Origin Dark Chocolate 78% Agostoni Cod. 6810
10 g salt
as required vanilla
75 g Dark Cocoa 22-24 Powder with Vanilla Icam Linea Professionale Cod. 4238
125 g invert sugar
400 g sugar
150 g cream
850 g eggs
150 g egg yolks
500 g weak flour
100 g potato starch
25 g baking powder
350 g White Chocolate Chunks Icam Linea Professionale Cod. 8358

Melt the butter and the chocolate, then put it in the food mixer with the sugar, salt, flavourings and mix with the K beater.
Add the cream blended with the eggs and egg yolks. Lastly, add the previously mixed and sieved powders.
Stir the cubes into the mixture.

Component 4Pear syrup

1000 g 30 Baume syrup
250 g water
250 g pear purée
250 g pear grappa

Mix all the ingredients.


Make the gelatine and once cooled, cut into 1×1 cm cubes. Make the cake and fill it with the cubes of white chocolate and 350 g of gel- atine cubes, bake at 155°C for 40’. Prepare the syrup and the glaze. Pour the syrup over the cake as soon as it is baked.
Leave to rest overnight and then, coat with jam. After a few hours, glaze and decorate with a Christmas theme.