Spreadable with Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate
by Salvatore Toma

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Spreadable with Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate

Component 1Spreadable

2250 gr Milk Chocolate Chiara
3000 gr TGT Hazelnut Fine Praline
300 gr Hazelnut Paste
900 gr Sunflower seeds oil
200 gr Dark Cocoa Powder 22/24

Temper the Milk Chocolate Chiara, in the meanwhile pour into the mixer the TGT Hazelnut Fine Praline, the Hazelnut Paste and mix together. Emulsify Dark Cocoa Powder 22/24 with the sunflower oil and add the mixture to the paste. Add Milk Chocolate Chiara.



Pour the spreadable into vase, let cool down in fridge till its complete hardening, then let crystallyze for at least 24 hours in a fresh room.

Stock at 16-18°C.



Label and store in a cool, dry place.