Trio of éclair - Symphony n°3
by Luca Montersino

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Trio of éclair - Symphony n°3


Recipe created in collaboration with “Dolce e Salato” magazine.

Component 1Choux pastry for éclairs

430 gr Seed oil
530 gr Water
265 gr 180W flour
650 gr Whole eggs
115 gr Egg white
3 gr Salt
3 gr Granulated sugar

Bring to the boil seed oil, water, salt and sugar. Add flour all at once, then cook up to form a mixture that comes off the saucepan’s walls. Transferred all in a stand mixer with whisky attachment, and add the egg whites and the whole eggs immediately after.

Place the mixture on a slightly greased pan, with a no. 10/12 star piping nozzle, forming bars by a length of approximately 14 cm. Bake in a ventilated oven at 260°C and immediately turn off the oven. After 12 minutes, turn on the oven again at 150°C and cook for another 15 minutes.

Component 2Dark chocolate mousse and smoked pepper

120 gr Granulated sugar
50 gr Water
180 gr Egg yolk
300 gr Dark Uganda Single Origin
40 gr Butter
500 gr 35% fat content cream
2 gr Smoked black pepper

Bring the water and sugar at 121°C and pour over the egg yolks already in the stand mixer with whip attachment. Whisk until cooling and then add the warm melted Dark Chocolate Single-origin Uganda, the softened butter and the smoked ground pepper. Finally lightened everything with the semi whipped cream.

Component 3Neutral-cold gelatine

960 gr Water
450 gr Granulated sugar
450 gr Dextrose
1110 gr Glucose 40 DE syrup
42 gr Agar agar
3 gr Powdered citric acid

Mix the agar agar with water (after being scattered in the granulated sugar), then heat at 550°C and pour the rest of the ingredients, except the citric acid. Bring to 105°C, then wait until it reaches 40°C and add the citric acid. Keep refrigerated.

Component 4Finishing

300 gr Marzipan
10 gr Dark Cocoa Powder 22/24
100 gr Neutral-cold gelatine
30 gr Organic Chocolate Nibs
1 gr Gold leaves
1 gr Silver powder

Garnish the top of the éclairs with the mousse, brush the cream in excess, then cover each éclair with a layer of marzipan marbled with cocoa. Polish with neutral shimmering silver coloured gelatine. Dip a corner of the éclair in the cocoa nibs sprinkle with a strip of cocoa. Finish with gold leaves.