White Chocolate ChocoCrock

White Chocolate ChocoCrock


Small, shiny, evenly-shaped, chocolate-coated grains measuring 3-5 mm with a delicate flavour and great crispiness.


Operating recommendations

In chocolatier

Sell as they are in small packages as “chocolate caviar”.

In pastry

Ideal as layers or crispy inclusions in fillings, mousses and spreadable creams, or simply as decorations or elegant finishing touches on mignons, cakes, desserts served in a glass or on a plate. For a better adherence to the dessert, apply before solidification on a base of icing, chocolate or fruit gelée. Can be sprayed with an airbrush or mixed with shiny powders for a gold effect, or coloured.

In ice cream making

Ideal for ice cream and semifreddo as decorations or crispy inclusions.

Pack size

Cod. 7845 2,5 Kg Case
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