by Mario Di Costanzo

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Component 2SHELL

to taste Grand Cru Los Bejucos 46%
to taste hezelnuts

Use a personalized mold with gold foil to give a refined touch to the snack. Once the Grand Cru Los Bejucos 46% Milk Chocolate has been tempered, fill the mold completely, tap the mold on the axis in order to let the air out completely and unload the mould. Scrape the mold to remove any residue. Once the mold has pre-crystallised, insert the hazelnuts and fill the mold with the ganache. Leave to crystallize at 23°C with about 70% humidity for 12 hours and finish by closing the snack with tempered Milk Chocolate. Beat, clean and finally leave to crystallize for 12 hours at 23°C and unmould.