Easter 2023: tasty, surprising and fun chocolate

Easter is one of the most expected times of year. A festivity that combines celebration and fun, but also an opportunity to share your technical and creative skills.

Our pastry chefs have tested themselves with original and surprising creations, demonstrating their skill and imagination to come up with genuine masterpieces. From classic and tasty Easter Eggs to circus-inspired creations to amuse and delight your customers.

Are you ready to be amazed by our spectacular selection?


Sophisticated and delicious eggs with surprising taste


 Easter has always been a time for surprises, and to make it even more special, our CHOCO CUBE pastry chefs have created a new, delicious and sophisticated experience.

Pastry chef Giancarlo Alosa proposes a Chocolate Egg with Pistachio Cremino filling, where the marbled shell contains a tasty surprise: the cremino with Edelweiss White Chocolate and the Agostini Artisanal Pistachio Praline in a fusion of delicious flavours and textures.

The Rocher Egg, created by pastry chef Marco Nessi, is sure to please those who love tasty and crunchy recipes: a masterpiece with Regina Dark Chocolate and crunchy hazelnuts grains.

Lastly, The King & The Queen Eggs by pastry chef Mario Di Costanzo are the perfect solutions for those who want surprise with an elegant and tasty presentation. The dark chocolate shell, in The King, and the milk one, in The Queen, is covered by a delicious rocher glaze with Regina Milk Chocolate and hazelnut grains, for an irresistible crunchiness.

Creations and combinations that best enhance the flavour of Agostoni and ICAM Professional chocolate. Follow the Pastry chefs’ directions in the complete recipes:


Easter: surprises and fun


Easter is the perfect time to indulge and offer delicious moments of fun. Each in their own way.

Gianluca Aresu proposes genuine works of art inspired by the circus world: art and skill come together in these creations that creates an entertaining show where chocolate takes amazing colours and shapes, to give children and adults a smile.

His proposals are a genuine experience that will bring you to the magical world of the circus: decorated characters like clowns, acrobats, lion tamers and many other fantastic figures, where every creation is unique and every detail is an expression of craftsmanship and creativity.

Are you ready to celebrate Easter in a magical way too?