White Pepper
by Salvatore Toma

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White Pepper

Component 2White Pepper and Vanini Milk Chocolate 39% Ganache

650 gr Fresh cream 35% mg
127 gr Glucose
78 gr Butter
15,5 gr White Pepper
1275 gr Milk Regina Chocolate 35%

Boil all together the ingredients. Pour the preparation over the Milk Regina Chocolate 35%.

Emulsify, clean the mixer and emulsify again. Pour all the preparation into a bowl, cover with the film (in a way that the film it’s in contact with the ganache).


As soon as the ganache is ready and it is around 29-30°C, fill the moulds praline (already decorated with Milk Chocolate Vanini 39% and fill with Regina Dark Chocolate 61%).

Leave for 12 hours nearly, at room temperature (16°-18°C and 70% of humidity) and finally close them with Vanini Milk Chocolate 39% – be carefull that the thickness for closing the praline should be as the thickness of the shell, not more.