The Queen
by Mario Di Costanzo

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The Queen

Component 1Shell


With the help of a bowl, pour Chiara Milk Chocolate 33% into the mould. Distribute the chocolate evenly into the mould. Place the shell on a grid and remove the excess with a spatula. When the chocolate has not yet completely crystallized, clean the edges and when enough thick assembly with the other shell. Leave to rest at a controlled temperature of 18-20 ° C with 70% humidity.

Component 2Milk Chocolate Rocher Glaze

1000 g Chiara Milk Chocolate 33%
300 g seed oil
300 g hazelnut grain

Prepare the rocher glaze with Chiara Milk Chocolate 33%: melt the chocolate at 45 ° C, add oil, mix by dispersing the fat evenly inside the chocolate and add the roasted hazelnut grains.
Use the glaze at 40 ° C on the egg at a temperature of 3 ° C.



Place the shells on a grid and pour in the glaze, lightly beat the grid to remove the excess. Before the glaze starts to crystallize, decorate the shell with flaked gold leaf. Wait 20 minutes at room temperature before assembling the egg.



Set the plate at 40 ° C and lightly press the two shells to melt the edges. Clean the excess of chocolate and join the two shells. Mark the base with a small
knife, then add a point of tempered chocolate and place the egg over it.
Wait until the chocolate is completely crystallized.