Los Bejucos 70%
by Salvatore Toma

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Los Bejucos 70%

Component 1Dark Chocolate Grand Cru LOS BEJUCOS cocoa 70% ice cream

792 g Cane sugar
100 g Dried glucose syrup
100 g Dextrose
12 g Locust bean flour
240 g Natural cocoa 10-12 single-origin Peru
740 g Dark chocolate grand cru Los Bejucos cocoa 70%
2600 g Water

Pasteurise all the ingredients, except for the chocolate, at 85-90°C, add the chocolate as the temperature drops and leave to cool. Rest for at least 6 hours.


Batch freeze and put in the blast chiller for 5 minutes.


Decorate and put in the display case.