Venezuela Sur del Lago: a return to the origins of cocoa

Venezuela and its luxuriant forests are home to the finest varieties of cocoa in the world. ICAM has selected this top-quality cocoa, which is second to none, from the region to the south of Lake Maracaibo.

The history of cocoa in Venezuela is the history of cocoa as we know it: the delicate Criollo and the hardy Forastero – the two original subspecies of Theobroma Cacao combined to produce the hybrid Trinitario – originate from the forests of modern-day Venezuela. From leading world producer in the 17th century under the Spanish Empire, Venezuela today represents only 0.5% of global cocoa production; a production which, however, from a quality point of view holds the crown for excellence worldwide.

ICAM has identified and selected this unrivalled cocoa from the tropical coasts south of Lake Maracaibo; a unique ecosystem where the Andean cordillera encounters the mixed environment of fresh and salt water of the tidal lake Maracaibo and finally, the Caribbean Sea.The ancestral home of cocoa, the Sur del Lago area has a predominantly tropical climate where temperatures and humidity remain high and constant throughout the year.The best batches of raw material, which are carefully selected and skilfully enhanced by our recipe, produce a connoisseur chocolate: Agostoni Sur de Lago Chocolate, a superior product for professionals.

916.445 km²
30.620.404 ab./km²

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