The Pastry Stars of Italian and international confectionery meet in Milan

WORLD PASTRY STARS is the only international event held in Italy with the most influential Pastry Stars in the world. A unique opportunity to learn from the great Pastry Stars through their example and the experiences that have made these Pastry Stars famous in the world. Agostoni will be a partner for 2019 Edition, with a booth to present his professional chocolate couvertures range of Grand Cru, Single Origin and Organic. Agostoni will also award Best Woman Pastry Chef, a prize created to enhance women's interpretation in pastry. Creativity, style, balance, aesthetics, and packaging will be the focus in the evaluation, with attention to innovation and female's point of view.

WPS is organised by Italian Gourmet with its magazine Il Pasticcere organizes, under the patronage of Ampi (Italian Master Pastry Chefs Academy); and Relais Desserts

World Pastry Stars has always represented a moment of debate, public relations and professional growth, in which Italian and international Pastry Stars, through concrete examples and creative stimuli, offer to a large audience of professionals those international and Italian knowledge that can provide new and innovative ideas. It’s also a moment to get in touch with the companies that can help growing ideas.

A congress, therefore, that opens the doors to the suggestions of the world and tells success stories that can be translated and replicated in the realities of the professionals who listen.

A congress that has always represented a moment of growth and encounter, in which Italian and international excellences make their experiences available to the sector and its operators, in a perspective of enrichment and mutual growth.

The 6th edition of World Pastry Stars will host Italian and international Pastry Stars on stage, as always coordinated by the great Pastry Chef Iginio Massari: Pierre Hermé and Olivier Bajard from France, Sadaharu Aoki from Japan, Enric Rovira from Spain, Stephanie Aubriot from Vietnam, Gino Fabbri, Alfonso Pepe, Giancarlo Perbellini, Nicola Pansa and Andrea Pansa from Italy, with the extraordinary participation of Gabriel Paillasson, creator of the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie.

This year’s theme: Creativity and Innovation in Pastry, with the aim of stimulating the audience of professionals through concrete examples from the voice of the greatest pastry chefs who have been able to transform over the years a handmade product into icons of style and real business opportunities.

The Congress sees this year the important presence of great Italian Pastry Stars that, with their knowledge of made in Italy, will be able to share their experience concerning concrete and successful projects. The Congress will open with an Observatory on New Trends, dedicated to the world of confectionery, to analyze and interpret current trends, with an initial focus on the top segment. The analysis will also focus on the social media to understand where and how much on the web there is talk of confectionery, the consumer attitudes, in addition to the focus on sentiments related to the world of pastry and the recurrent expressions related to pastry used on the web.


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