Summer by Salvatore Toma on Gelato Artigianale magazine

“Gelato Artigianale” magazine publishes a set of recipes signed by Agostoni and Icam Linea Professionale: our technical advisor Salvatore Toma presents some concepts about “the pastry desserts for ice- cream makers”, dedicated to the main shopping moments.

Here’s the proposal for summer!

Summer is a glamourous stick ice cream surrounded by Agostoni Grand Cru Pachiza Chocolate -Origin Peru, Milk and Dark versions, that come from the most pristine plantation.

Its crunchy shell of Dark Chocolate Grand Cru Pachiza – Peru Origin 70% cocoa, enriched with Organic Cocoa Nibs, encloses a velvet Semifreddo with Dark Chocolate Grand Cru Pachiza and a soft caramel centre with Milk Chocolate Grand Cru Pachiza 39% cocoa

 Read more and discover the recipe in the magazine or look for it in our Recipes menù.

“Gelato Artigianale” is the reference magazine for Italian and International ice-cream makers; it’s published by Levati Editori.