Dolce e Salato presents the journey into Icam chocolate mania

Quattro anime del dolce che interpretano il cioccolato secondo le proprie abilità: il gelatiere Matteo Spinola, della Cremeria Spinola a Chiavari, il cioccolatiere Mario Di Costanzo, anima della partenopea Di Costanzo Patisserie, e i pasticceri Marco Mottadelli e Fabio Leveni, della Pasticceria Molè a Carate Brianza.

Four dessert gurus who interpret chocolate based on their own expertise: the ice cream maker, Matteo Spinola of Cremiera Spinola in Chiavari, the chocolatier, Mario Di Costanzo, the soul of the Neapolitan Di Costanzo Patisserie and the pastry chefs, Marco Mottadelli and Fabio Leveni, of the Pasticceria Molè in Carate Brianza.

An ice cream, a cake and an on-the-go snack. Three unique recipes in which chocolate is the key ingredient on a journey of taste, the discovery of unexpected combinations and balanced consistencies which enhance the aromatic component and the expressive potential of the products.

With the “One thousand ideas, one thousand recipes, but only one chocolate” (“1000 ricette, un solo cioccolato”) campaign, the company lifts the lid on the everyday work of professionals in the art of creating desserts. This is a tribute to the people who soldier on every day and put themselves on the front line. It focuses on the professionals who represent Italian excellence, who can start creating fantastic, delicious creations again with expertise and simplicity.

Check out their stories and recipes in the article by Dolce e Salato.

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