After the success achieved in 2019, ICAM has digititalized its training project: this is how CHOCO CUBE online was born.
An online space in which ICAM shares all its expertise and know-how with all its pastry chefs, chocolatiers, ice cream makers and professionals. A new way to support the professional growth of all customers and those who are studying to join the world of chocolate and pastry.

An exchange of knowledge and cultures thanks to our technicians and special guests, to support the culture of chocolate and to define its trends for the future.

The new platform will offer different formats: courses, video tutorial and live streaming to guarantee all round training with video recipes, tips from the teachers, recipe books and pictures of the single recipes; all the material will be downloadable.

ICAM Technical Team and the Master Chocolatiers and Pastry Chefs who support us daily in the development of new ideas, projects and recipes, provide CHOCO CUBE and all ICAM customers with all their knowledge of the subject through a series of courses to offer advices that will help to deepen and implement the use of ICAM chocolate in pastry, chocolatiere and ice cream.

On CHOCO CUBE platform will be available different materials, such as:
recipes, video recipes, mini videos that explain the different processing techniques and much more.

Some previews on the new courses that will be soon available on CHOCO CUBE:

• Spreadable Creams by Salvatore Toma – Click here and sign up for the course

• Little delights with a summer’s frangrance: Mario Di Costanzo presents his selection of summer’s Mignon – Click here and sign up for the course

• The evergreen Cheesecake by Gatano Mignano

• Contemporary Pastry by Mario Di Costanzo

• French Patisserie with an Italian Interpretaion and taste, by Mario Di Costanzo

• Delicious, healthy and “ free from” the innovative and greedy pastry proposal by Mario Di Costanzo

• Christmass, by Mario Di Costanzo

• Cioccolato Italiano, by Giancarlo Alosa and Mario Di Costanzo

Our technicians, pastry chefs and chocolatiers Salvatore Toma, Gaetano Mignano, Giancarlo Alosa and Marco Nessi are always available for advice in presence or at a distance do not hesitate to contact us.

Just follow us online and on our social channel #icamforprofessionals or write to chococube@icamcioccolato.it to know all the news about CHOCO CUBE platform.

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