WPS FINALISTS NAMED – Best Female Pastry Chef

WPS enhances the female side of dessert with the Best Female Pastry Chef contest! An award presented in collaboration with the partner companies of World Pastry Stars ICAM and PAVONI.
It is a hugely prestigious award, in an international context such as the World Pastry Stars 2019, to enhance the female interpretaWPStion of pastry making, and specifically tea pastries. Creativity, flavour, balance, aesthetics and packaging represent the elements to assess, with a focus on innovation, as told in an all-female language.
Amongst the “selections of tea pastries” which were sent meeting the characteristics indicated in the Regulations, the Jury, at its sole discretion, selected the 5 finalists who will have the chance to be named the winner in the final to be held on Monday 20 May in Milan at World Pastry Stars 2019.

The finalists are:
Silvia Federica Boldetti; Sara Bruno, Pappa Reale; Caterina Falomo, Le dame golose; Giulia Giocondi, Tonka; Elena Serra, MonSer.

Congratulations to the finalists, as well as to all the other participants!

The appointment to find out who has won is at WPS 2019