One thousand ideas, one thousand recipes, but only one chocolate!

When you mix passion with experience, the promise of a masterpiece is never far away.
For 70 years, Icam Linea Professionale and Agostoni have fed the creativity of pastry chefs, chocolatiers and ice cream worldwide. And now we are back with the origin of taste: we’re back with our Italian chocolate.”

As businesses start to reopen, with the firm belief that the quality of ingredients is key to the success of the best professionals, Icam is focusing communications on its Icam Linea Professionale and Agostoni brands to provide tangible support to the economic framework of the confectionery, ice cream and chocolate industry: hard-working, inspired professionals, the true ambassadors of Italian excellence. 

We want to restart alongside “true artisans”!

We have focused our next advertising campaign on a few ambassadors of these authentic values and positive energy, who come from different sectors of the chocolate world and different regions in Italy. With a renewed sense of lightness and intense expressive power, we have worked with them to produce a series of photos which play with the raw material: the cocoa pods, cocoa powder and chocolate.

All geared towards highlighting the simplicity in producing each pastry and chocolate creation, especially when supported by a selection of products developed to achieve high-quality results which can promote creativity in all sectors.

Starting from Lombardy, passing through Liguria and continuing on to Campania, ICAM’s goal, once again, is to promote “Made in Italy” and its excellent products. 

Check out the stories and creations of the stars of the new advertising campaign on our Instagram profile and in major Italian and international sector-based magazines and websites.