by Salvatore Toma

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Recipe created in collaboration with the magazine“Gelato Artigianale”.

Component 1Chocolate shell with Pachiza dark chocolate 70% cocoa

725 g Pachiza dark chocolate 70% cocoa
40 g Sunflower seed oil
235 g Cocoa butter
200 g Sugared cocoa nibs

Melt the chocolate and cocoa butter together; then add the oil and nibs.

Component 2Caramel with Pachiza chocolate 39% cocoa

250 g Granulated sugar
250 g 35% fat cream
70 g Glucose 42 DE
60 g Dextrose
50 g Butter
200 g Pachiza milk chocolate with 39% cocoa
6 g Brittany salt

Heat the cream with the glucose, dextrose and butter; then start to caramelise the sugar and cook through with the heated mixture.

At 70°C, add the chocolate and salt. Cool in the fridge.

Component 3Semifreddo with Pachiza dark chocolate 70% cocoa

300 g Pachiza dark chocolate 70% cocoa
80 g Inverted sugar
80 g Rream
25 g Rum
200 g Meringue 70%
500 g Partially whipped cream

Heat the chocolate, inverted sugar and cream together.

As soon as they are evenly mixed, add the meringue and rum. To finish, add the cream in two batches.


Make the caramel and leave it to crystallise in the fridge. Pour it into the flexpan and put it in the blast chiller.

Make the semifreddo and pour it into the snack moulds and put the chilled caramel in the centre. Place in the blast chiller to harden.

Unmould, glaze and decorate.