by Salvatore Toma

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Component 1Cocoa biscuit

570 gr Albumen
420 gr Sugar
335 gr Yolks
170 gr Weak flour
100 gr Potato starch
100 gr Dark Cocoa Powder 22/24
150 gr Extra Dark Chocolate Cream

Whisk the egg whites with the sugar, add the liquid egg yolks and to finish the dried ingredients mixed and sieved.

Cook in sheets at 160°C (open valve) for 12’.

Component 2Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate Croccantino

130 gr Hazelnut Paste
70 gr CremIcam
80 gr Crunchy Flakes
40 gr Hazelnut nibs
50 gr Milk Chocolate Prestige

Mix the Hazelnut Paste with the CremIcam, add the melted Milk Chocolate Prestige and finally the hazelnut nibs and the Crunchy Flakes.

Component 3Rocher Cream

1500 ml Fresh Cream 35% fat
650 gr Milk Chocolate Gianduja
25 gr TGT Hazelnut Fine Praline
25 gr Hazelnut Paste
10 gr Isinglass (softened in 60 ml of cold water)
225 gr Hazelnut nibs

Heat the cream, dissolve the isinglass and then add the Milk Chocolate Gianduja with the Hazelnut Paste and the TGT Fine Hazelnut Praline, emulsify and place in the refrigerator for 1 night. Whisk to a light foam and add the hazelnut nibs.

Component 5Neutral soaking

1350 gr Sugar
1000 ml Water
3 Vanilla pods

Boil water and sugar with the vanilla pods. Let cool, dilute to taste.


Soak the cacao sponge cake, spread the crunchy hazelnut and milk chocolate and score the CremIcam, slowly pour the rocher cream. Place the new cacao sponge cake layer soaked with the CremIcam and fill the stainless steel strip with the cream.

Turn out upside down.


Remove the cake and ice with the icing at 25-30°C. Decorate as per the theme and with chocolate puff pastry.