by Salvatore Toma

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Component 1Flourless Regina dark chocolate 61% biscuit

500 g Regina Dark Chocolate 61% Icam Linea Professionale Cod. 8311
120 g butter
150 g egg yolks
500 g egg whites
170 g sugar

Melt the chocolate with the butter and whisk the egg whites with the sugar.
Add the egg yolks to the whisked egg whites and mix the melted chocolate with the butter and a little foam. Blend the 2 mixtures and pour 800 g of mass on each silpat and bake at 170° C for 13’ in a fan-assisted oven.

Component 2Almond praline creamy mass with orange and star anise

50 g caster sugar
50 g corn starch
90 g egg yolks
30 g butter
300 g cream 35% fat content
1g star anise
1 orange zest
8g isinglass
40 g water
300 g Artisan Praline with 55% Almonds Agostoni Cod. 7328
200 g Organic White Chocolate Agostoni Cod. 6852
110 g cold cream

Make a confectioner’s cream with the egg yolks, the sugar, the starch, the butter, the cream and the flavourings. When cooked, add the rehydrated isinglass, the praline, the chocolate and lastly, the cold liquid cream. Emulsify, leave to cool and use.

Component 3Soft almond praline cake

375 g butter
650 g Artisan Praline with 55% Almonds Agostoni Cod. 7328
125 g whole milk
375 g egg yolks
150 g weak flour
300 g almond flour
600 g egg white
225 g icing sugar

Mix the softened butter with the praline, put in the mixer with the K beater and add the egg yolks and warm milk;
Whip the egg whites with the icing sugar and blend the two mixtures. Lastly, add the pre-mixed powders. Bake 800 g of mixture on the silpat at 175° C in a fan-assisted oven.

Component 4Apple gelée with crunchy apple and cinnamon

1000 g granny smith apple purée
250 g sugar
15 g pectin NH325H95
50 g sugar
10 g isinglass
50 g water
400 g diced semi-candied sour cherries
5g cinnamon powder

Heat the purée with the first part of the sugar and, in the meantime, mix the pectin with the second part of the sugar. As soon as the purée is warm, add the pectin mixture and bring it to boil. When cooked, add the rehydrated Isinglass and the diced sour cherries.

Component 5Peru Pachiza milk chocolate 39% foam

200 g whole milk
28 g isinglass
140 g cold water
1200 g Grand Cru Pachiza Milk Chocolate 39% Agostoni Cod. 6821
1330 g semi-whipped fat cream 35%

Heat the milk and the chocolate, emulsify them and add the rehydrated isinglass and melt in the microwave.
Add the fat cream in 2 batches.

Component 6Red chocolate glaze

150 g water
300 g sugar
300 g glucose 42 dextrose equivalent
as required red colouring
200 g condensed milk
28 g isinglass
140 g water
110 g neutral gelatine
250 g Ambra Milk Chocolate 40% Icam Linea Professionale Cod. 8349
125 g Giada White Chocolate Icam Linea Professionale Cod. 8369

Heat the water, the sugar, the colouring and the glucose at 103° C, add the condensed milk and bring back to boil. Add the rehydrated isinglass, the neutral gelatine and the chocolate. Emulsify and put in the fridge to cool.


Make the insert with the gelée and the cake; blast chill.
Pre-cut the flourless chocolate biscuits and fill with the creamy mass using a piping bag, then blast chill.
Make the foam and put the log together, blast chill everything and then, unmould.
Blast chill and glaze with the red glaze, decorate with a Christmas theme using velvet-effect stars.