Liquorino mojito
by Salvatore Toma

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Liquorino mojito

Component 1Liquorino mojito

1500 gr Sugar
300 gr Glucose
750 gr Water
q.b. Truffle Liqueur Dark Shells
q.b. Regina Dark Chocolate 61%

Make a syrup by heating at 105° sugar, glucose and water.

One it is cold,  mix 1.000 gr of syrup with 250 gr of alcoholic aromas 70° rhum, enough of lime zest and of fresh mint leaves. Mix all together. 


Fill the Truffle Liqueur Dark Shells.

Close with the chocolate cone (small piping bags with tempered chocolate) with Regina Dark Chocolate 61%. Coat with tempered Regin Dark Chocolate 61% and decorate with cane sugar.