Hope Macaron
by Mario Di Costanzo

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Hope Macaron

Component 1Meringue

270 g almond flour
270 g icing sugar
100 g egg white
75 g water
270 g sugar
3 g fat-soluble green colour

Mix the sifted and well dry almond flour, the sifted icing sugar and the egg white to create an almond paste. Separately, prepare the Italian meringue with water, sugar, egg whites and food colouring: bring the water and sugar to 121 ° C, then pour over the egg whites with the colouring and whip until it cools (30 ° C). Once the meringue is ready, mix it with the previously prepared almond paste and gently blend it from the bottom to the top. When the mixture is ready, fill the piping bag and make small buttons with a diameter of 3 cm, leave to rest at room temperature until light skin is formed. Bake at 160 ° C for about 15 minutes..

Component 2Raspberry Confit

150 g raspberry puree
35 g inverted sugar
55 g caster sugar
6 g pectin nh

Heat the raspberry puree with inverted sugar to 50 ° C in the microwave. Mix the sugar with pectin. Add sugar and pectin to the puree and mix quickly, then bring back to the boiling point. Store in the fridge covered with contact film for about 10 hours.

Component 3Pistachio Ganache

190 g fresh cream
25 g glucose
400 g Giada White Chocolate
140 g Artisan Pistachio Praline
35 g Cocoa Butter in drops

Heat the cream together with the glucose to 40° C in the microwave. Pour over the Giada White Chocolate previously mixed with the melted Cocoa Butter in drops and the Artisan Pistachio Praline 60%, emulsify until a shiny and creamy structure is obtained.


Once the macarons are cooked and cooled, dress a little button of pistachio ganache with a sac à poche, creating the heart of the filling with the raspberry confit. Place another macaron over the filling by applying a gentle pressure, cover with a plexiglass case and store in positive at a temperature of + 3°C.



1-For a better yield, use fresh, aged egg white, which means that it is left at room temperature for 3 days.

2-For a better yield in the use of almond powder, it is advisable to leave it in the stove the night before its use to dehydrate it.

3-During the cooking phase, pay particular attention that the skin will form on the surface of the macaron to avoid the breaking of the shell and making it smoother.


Try it in other tasty flavours:

  • Macaron with passion fruit confit and orange ganache, prepared with Grand Cru Los Bejucos Milk Chocolate 46% and Messico Single Origin Dark Chocolate 68%
  • Macaron with mango confit and hazelnut ganache, prepared with Giada White Chocolate and Hazelnut Paste C