by Salvatore Toma

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Recipe created in collaboration with the magazine“Gelato Artigianale”.

Component 1Fondant icing

450 g Butter
380 g Powdered sugar
120 g Almond flour
4 g Salt
2 Vanilla pods
230 g Eggs
750 g Weak flour

Mix the softened butter with the powdered sugar and the almond flour with the flavourings.

Add the eggs and lastly, the flour.

Component 2Apricot gelée with mango and spearmint

1000 g Apricot purée
200 g Sugar
14 g Pectin NH 325 H 95
50 g Sugar
30 g Lemon juice
10 g Isinglass
50 g Water
400 g Mango cubes
10 Fresh mint leaves

Heat the purée with the sugar and lemon juice; when warm, add the pectin premixed with the sugar. Cook and bring to the boil (check for setting point by taking a teaspoon of the mixture and putting it on a plate. Wait until it cools and check the consistency).

When cooked, add the Isinglass and mango cubes marinated in lemon juice and spearmint.

Component 3Orange cream

200 g Orange juice
4 Orange zest
400 g Sugar
150 g Eggs
150 g Egg yolks
40 g Corn starch
1 Vanilla bean
30 g Cointreau
100 g Butter
200 g Organic white chocolate

Mix the sugar with the starch, add the flavourings, eggs and yolks and mix well.

Add the juice and cook until it comes to the boil.

When cooked, add the Cointreau, butter and chocolate and mix.

Component 4Organic white chocolate mousse

120 g 35% fat cream
50 g Honey
18 g Isinglass
90 g Water
550 g Organic white chocolate
750 g Partially whipped cream

Heat the cream and honey and dissolve the rehydrated Isinglass; pour it all on the chocolate and mix until smooth.

Add the partially whipped cream in 2 batches.

Component 5Yellow chocolate glaze

150 g Water
300 g Sugar
300 g Glucose 42 DE
Qb Yellow food colouring
200 g Condensed milk
32 g Isinglass
160 g Water
110 g Neutral gelatine
425 g Organic white chocolate

Heat the water, sugar, colouring and glucose to 103°C, add the condensed milk and bring back to the boil. Add the rehydrated Isinglass, neutral gelatine and chocolate. Emulsify and put in the fridge to cool.

Component 6Flourless cocoa biscuit

240 g Egg whites
250 g Sugar
160 g Egg yolks
80 g Arriba cocoa 22 24

Whisk the egg whites with the sugar, add the liquid egg yolks and lastly, the cocoa.
Bake at 170°C for 13’.


Make the gelée: blast chill.

Make the cream, strain and add the gelée: blast chill.

Make the mousse, strain and add the insert and cocoa biscuit: blast chill.

Glaze, place on the fondant icing and decorate.