by Salvatore Toma

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Component 1Shell in Los Bejucos dark chocolate 70% cocoa


Melt and temper the chocolate, use to make the shells, crystallise.

Component 2Apple and cinnamon gelatine

300 g Granny smith apple purée
80 g Water
9 g Yellow pectin
180 g Sugar
1 g Cinnamon
1 g Star anise

Mix the purée and water, add the pre-mixed pectin and cook at 102°C.

Component 3Los Bejucos milk chocolate ganache 46% cocoa

325 g 35% fat cream
30 g Sorbitol
65 g Glucose
40 g Butter
640 g Los Bejucos dark chocolate 46% cocoa

Bring the cream, glucose and butter to the boil, pour onto the chocolate and mix well.


Make the shells with the moulds, decorate with the Christmas star motif: allow to crystallise.

Make the apple gelatine, leave to cool and place in the shell. Meanwhile, make the milk chocolate ganache and as soon as it reaches 28°C, pour it into the mould on the gelatine.

Leave to crystallise overnight and then, make and pour the crisp almond praline and pour: crystallise and close.