Chocolate and caramel frozen soufflé
by Salvatore Toma

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Chocolate and caramel frozen soufflé

Component 1Caramel heart

250 g fresh fat cream
70 g sugar
50 g butter
65 g glucose
10 g salt
1 g vanilla
t.t White Chocolate truffle shells

Heat the cold fresh fat cream, butter, sugar, salt and vanilla together. Bring to the boil and place to one side. Caramelise the sugar, adding it slowly into the saucepan, adding more once it melts. Once the caramel takes a golden colour, pour the liquid prepared beforehand over the top. Continue to pour the second part. Wait for it to boil and then remove from the heat. Leave it to chill or place in the cooler covered by some cling film.
Using a sac à poche, fill the white truffle shells with the chilled caramel. Place in the chiller and then place into the centre of the soufflè.

Component 2Italian Meringue

300 g caster sugar
100 g glucose
225 g water
450 g egg whites
150 g sugar
150 g dextrose

Cook at 118°C sugar, glucose and water. Once the sugar has reached 105/107°C, begin to beat the meringue. Pour the dextrose into the mixer, with egg-whites and add the cooked sugar over the mix (egg-whites and dextrose). Leti it whip till cooling. Once the mix has risen to a foamy peak and cooled, the meringue it is ready to use. Use it immediately or keep in the fridge, covered by cling-film.

Component 3Chocolate Soufflé

175 g caster sugar
200 g egg yolks
140 g Nacional Arriba Cocoa Paste
60 g fresh fat cream
200 g meringue
750 g semi-whipped fresh fat cream

Heat and mix the sugar and egg yolks at 45°C. Place in a mixer and beat until it becomes a pate a bombe. Heat the liquid fresh fat cream to one side, together with the Nacional Arriba cocoa paste.
Take some of the tepid pate bombe and pour it over the Nacional Arriba cocoa mass mixture. Stir this well, and once it has emulsified, add some of the meringue. With slow movements, carry on emulsifying so that it remains fluffy. Finish off by adding the semi-whipped fat fresh cream in stages. Don’t use a whisk, but use a spatula to bind the mixture.

Component 4Cocoa biscuit with no flour

240 g egg-whites
250 g sugar
160 g egg yolks
70 g Cocoa Powder 22/24

Beat the egg-whites with the sugar, fold in the freshly beaten egg-yolks and finally the sieved cocoa. Spread over a tray. Bake at 160°C for 12 minutes. Once cooked, cut out circles to the desired size.