Black Marsh
by Salvatore Toma

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Black Marsh

Component 1Bagua Marshmallow

100 gr Water
260 gr Sugar
160 gr Inverted sugar
120 gr Glucose 42 DE
10 gr Sorbitol
170 gr Inverted sugar
150 gr Water
36 gr Isinglass
140 gr Whole Milk
50 gr Glucose
2 gr Agar agar
225 gr Grand Cru Bagua Perù cocoa mass
60 gr Rum
1000 gr Dark Grand Cru Bagua
as required Dark Cocoa Powder 22/24

Rehydrate the isinglass with cold water and then dissolve in the microwave. Pour inside the stand mixer with the first portion of inverted sugar (170 gr).

Heat the milk with the glucose at at-least 60°C, dissolve the agar agar then pour over the Organic Grand Cru Bagua Cocoa Mass, emulsify and add the rum.

Cook the first group of ingredients over 115°C (water, sugar, inverted sugar, glucose and sorbitol). At reached temperature, pour inside the turned on stand mixer over the inverted sugar and melted isinglass. Whisk to skim and cool down.

Add ganache by hand. Once the mixture is homogeneous, put inside the 1 cm height ganache squares resting on the silpat. 


Leave standing until cooling and then cut into cubes by 1 cm. Open and leave to dry for 2-3 days at controlled temperature and humidity.

Coat the cubes with Dark Chocolate Organic Grand Cru Bagua and finally garnish with 22-24 Dark Cocoa and leave to crystallise for a night at 14°16°C, under controlled humidity conditions. Wrap.