Apple Dark
by Gaetano Mignano

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Apple Dark

Component 1Soft biscuit

270 gr Albumen
125 gr Sucrose
160 gr Yolk
125 gr Sucrose
170 gr Flour
80 gr Potato starch

Whip separately albumen and yolk with the respective sugars.

Mix both the preparations and finally mix carefully the sifted powders. Lay down the dough on the baking paper with high 1 cm and bake at 220°C for 5-6 minutes.

Component 2Apple syrup

500 gr Syrup
20 gr Apple vodka

Once prepared the syrup, pour it on the apple vodka and mix.

Component 3Regina Dark Chocolate 61% Mousse

150 gr Sugar
45 gr Water
150 gr Yolk
300 gr Regina Dark Chocolate 61%
650 gr Glossy cream

Whip the yolk and separately cook water and sugar at 121°C. When decoction is at the right temperature pour the yolk till the brim and go on whipping until it cool down (28°C-30°C). Apart, create an emulsion with 1/3 of the cream and the Dark Chocolate Regina, mix the preparation and finally add carefully the remaing cream.

Component 4Stir-fried apple

100 gr Sugar
500 gr Apple
50 gr Butter
1/2 glass Whisky

In a nonstick pan caramelize the sugar (dry caramelization), add butter and apple and let it cook until the apple’s water is completely dry.

Flambè with some whisky and let cool down.

Component 5Shiny Cocoa Icing


Prepare a shiny icing with Cocoa 22/24.


Prepare the heart of the dessert by putting some apple on a soft biscuit and shock down in the blast chiller. 

Pour the Regina Dark Chocolate 61% mousse into the moulds and push into the heart of the dessert and cover all with some other Regina Dark Chocolate mousse and another soft wet biscuit.


Glaze with Shiny Cocoa Icing Gel and decorate.