Creams and Coatings

Creams and Coatings: premium quality

The top quality and clean organoleptic profile characterise the creams and coatings of the ICAM Professional Line. The skillful processing of selected ingredients and ICAM cocoa powder offer professionals top quality products with maximum performance. ICAM has added new spreadable products to the historic range of creams: hazelnut cream and dark chocolate cream, made with sunflower oil and karitè, in full respect of the environment and advanced demands in nutrition.

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White Cream Fillmilk ZeroP
Hazelnut Cream ZeroP
Dark Chocolate Cream ZeroP
Elisa Cream
Extra Dark Chocolate Cream
Edelweiss White Cream
Vanini Cream
Icam Dark Chocolate Icing
Shiny Chocolate Icing gel
Prestige Dark Chocolate Glasover
Dark Chocolate Glasover
Milk Chocolate Glasover
White Chocolate Glasover