Cocoa: powder, butter and paste

Natural Cocoa 10/12 Single-Origin Peru - see label

Natural Cocoa 10/12 Single-Origin Peru - see label


Single-origin, reduced-fat, non-alkalised cocoa powder, with the taste of cocoa and tannin, for an intense, authentic cocoa flavour: light brown colour, excellent aroma.


Operating recommendations

In chocolatier

Good for preparing hot chocolate drinks, especially when combined with chocolate of the same origin.

In pastry

Ideal for all types of baking: biscuits, basic confectionery products, for flavouring creams and icing, resulting in excellent intensity of flavour and colour.

In ice cream making

For ice cream, it enhances the colour and aroma when used in combination with chocolate of the same origin.

Pack size

Cod. 4620 1 Kg Bag (5 Bags per Case)

Product Features

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Speziato ICAM Professionale

Los Bejucos 70%

Los Bejucos 70% ICAM Professionale

Dark Chocolate Grand Cru LOS BEJUCOS cocoa 70 % ice cream



In Peru, ICAM has established long-term partnerships with several cooperatives aimed at promoting the strengthening and growth of the cooperatives themselves.

Peru: land of Bagua cocoa

Peru: land of Bagua cocoa

Bagua cocoa is an ancient, sought-after cocoa variety. A superior quality chocolate with an authentic flavour is obtained from this special cocoa.

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