Cocoa: powder, butter and paste

CacaoBar Dense Drinking Chocolate

CacaoBar Dense Drinking Chocolate


Low-fat, drinking chocolate powder made with cocoa, sugar and thickeners for preparing classic hot drinking chocolate.


Operating recommendations

In chocolatier

Thickens quickly, no need to boil it.


Dissolve 25 g of CacaoBar (4 heaped teaspoon) in 125 ml of milk, adding the milk little by little. Increase or decrease the amount of CacoaBar used to get the thickness and taste you prefer. 

IN A SAUCEPAN: warm on a low to medium heat, stirring continuously untile the hot chocolate is the required thickness.

IN THE MICROWAVE: heat in microwave at 750W for 1 minute 15 seconds. If you want a thicker hot chocolate, increase cooking time by 10 seconds. For more than 1 cup, increase cooking time by 30 seconds for each cup. 

ESPRESSO MACHINE: stir continuously using the steam nozzle until the hot chocolate is the required thickness.

Pack size

Cod. 4108 1x5kg

Product Features

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