The brand new Agostoni Gran Cru Chimelb from Guatemala

ICAM enriches the range of products designed for gourmet pastry chefs with Gran Cru Chimelb. A dark chocolate made with a rare cocoa grown in Guatemala, an area in which man has managed to create an ecosystem in perfect balance with the surrounding environment.

Agostoni Gran Cru Chimelb, a particularly aromatic blend of Trinitario cocoa, was born from a project of conservation, sustainability and social responsibility. Located in the heart of the natural forests of the Alta Verapaz region in Guatemala, the Chimelb Finca is a unique plantation, where this precious cocoa grows, alongside coffee plants, cardamom, pineapple, eucalyptus and rubber trees, an assortment of aromas found in the taste experience of this exceptional Gran Cru chocolate.

After signing long term collaborations with farmers’ cooperatives in many regions of Africa and South America, to support and  improve farmers working conditions and to give its contribute to the sustainable impact on the planet, ICAM adds this new chocolate to the already rich range of products of the brand Agostoni, consisting of chocolate couverture, pasta and cocoa powder of excellent quality. Composed of a rich and articulated selection of products derived from Single Origin, Gran Cru and Organic cocoa, the Agostoni proposal becomes even wider to offer professionals in the sector, a valuable range of products with superior performance to give space and inspiration to creativity in the field of pastry, chocolatiere and ice cream making.

For over 70 years ICAM has been working closely with its partners in the territories of origin of cocoa. A commitment that guarantees the company the high quality of the cocoa purchased, which must always be linked to a sustainable management of the territory in which it is cultivated and to the guarantee of a fair treatment of the farmers who work there.

Agostoni Gran Cru Chimelb is an extremely sweet chocolate, intense and persistent at the same time, with an aromatic cacaotè profile, strong notes of dried fruit and hints of coffee. Extremely versatile for multiple uses, Gran Cru Chimelb offers excellent performance in pastry: from light mousse to combinations with red fruit palet or vanilla cream. It is also perfect to make semifreddi, ice cream or chocolate sorbets.