Icam Cioccolatieri celebrates its 70th anniversary and presents Agostoni

We invite you at Sigep to immerse yourself in the fascinating story of Icam in the cocoa plantations and to taste the wide range of products in the Icam Linea Professionale. Much more than an excellent cocoa: a story of passion, competence and social responsability, relationships based on fairness, transparency and mutual trust, in the pursuit of quality. On the occasion of its anniversary, Icam Cioccolatieri presents Agostoni, a new brand dedicated to professionals, which takes its name from the founding family and celebrates 70 years of commitment in the pursuit of excellence. Agostoni celebrates the crowning excellence of cocoa and completes Icam Linea Professionale product range with a proposal of high premium chocolate for chocolate connoisseurs. The Agostoni family has been cultivating its own culture of chocolate in Icam for 3 generations, and it has lead the company to be today the Italian reference producer for high quality cocoa processing. A challenging process that starts from the research of great single origin cocoa, with extraordinary, unique and fine flavour profiles, coming from carefully selected plantations, in territories where cocoa is historically an integrating part of their culture, and completes itself by strictly applying modern and delicate production techniques. The particular attention in developing well balanced recipes enables the Company to offer a range of chocolates with an articulate and authentic taste profile and a technical performance specially developed for the most refined professionals. Agostoni holds a remarkable selection of premium products, as a result of the careful management of an integrated supply chain, and brings together an exclusive collection of recipes that are really special and unique and capable of surprising even the most demanding chocolate lovers. Grand Cru and single origin cocoa in the form of chocolate couvertures, cocoa paste and powder with great personality will allow chocolate-makers, confectioners and ice-cream makers to interpret cocoa according to their inspiration, to offer their customers a surprising taste experience. The 70 years experience is fully expressed in the proposal of a wide range of Grand Cru Los Bejucos – Dominican Single Origin, the good quality of which has been recognized by the Minister of Industry and Commerce of the Dominican Republic with a Certificate of Designation of Origin. The region which historically is the origin of the well-known “Hispaniola” cocoa, a territory with a unique fertility and microclimate, a natural scenery of rich variety of flora and fauna life that gives birth to a cocoa with large and elongated beans and an important presence of Criollo. The quality of the fermentation, which is homogeneous and complete, refines the flavour profile of this cocoa. Come and visit us: HALL B3 STAND 200