Easter Egg by Salvatore Toma

“Gelato Artigianale” magazine publishes a set of recipes signed by Agostoni and ICAM Linea Professionale: our technical advisor Salvatore Toma presents some concepts about “the pastry desserts for ice- cream makers”, dedicated to the main shopping moments.

Here’s the proposal for Easter!

Easter Egg mono portion brings us a lot of aromas and sensations, enclosed in a half –shaped egg: a fresh gelée with a creamy mousse, the sweetness of chocolate with the perfume of exotic fruits, the comforting apricot and the traditional orange with an unexpected mint!

All of these are surrounded by Agostoni Organic White Chocolate, that comes from the most pristine plantation

Read more and discover the recipe in the magazine or look for it in our Recipes menù.

“Gelato Artigianale” is the reference magazine for Italian and International ice-cream makers; it’s published by Levati Editori