Vasocottura recipes by our pastry technicians

Vasocottura is a culinary technique born in Italy, has ancient origins and was used a lot by the grandmother when preparing preserves. Recently rediscovered by many Chefs is back in vogue especially because it allows you to cook in a healthy, fast way, saving on cooking time but at the same time guaranteeing tasty recipes.

Vasocottura is a technique that allows you to cook food directly inside glass jars suitable for cooking in the traditional oven or even microwave. The method then provides the possibility of vacuuming the product cooked, this allows a better shelflife mantaining perfumes, fragrance and humidity typical of the product.

This cooking method allows for longer storage times, keeping the product in the refrigerator or freezer preserving the high quality of the product, the fresh flavour of the ingredients and the unique taste of the prepared recipe.

As for the vacuum you can further add other conservation methodologies that allow to have a longer shelflife such as positive and negative refrigeration, the addition of alcohol or enzymes.

We propose a new interpretation of recipes made by our pastry technicians using this cooking technique as a new proposal of conservation and consumption to offer our customers new ideas to deal with this period of renewal.


Download the recipes:

Flan Dark Chocolate and Crème brûlée Chocolate and raspberry morbidone Cheesecake NY Style