The training @CHOCO CUBE has just stared. Easter collection by Gianluca Aresu

At CHOCO CUBE, the high-level training centre of Icam Cioccolato dedicated to the professionals of the sector, today and yesterday took place the first Workshop with Gianluca Aresu. He taught to a selection of customers of Icam Cioccolato in a Masterclass and a Workshop, to show techniques and his trips to create artistic chocolate on hollow shapes.

His skilled hands transformed Icam Linea Professionale products into fancy forms, that will get your customers’ curiosity.
Diamante Dark Chocolate 67%, Chiara Milk Chocolate 33%, Edelweiss White Chocolate, and Cocoa Butter Drops, Milk Chococrock and white Chococrock turned into
“The Musketeer”, “The Clown”, “The Sumo Wrestler”, “The Acorn”, “The Bull”, “The Bonsai”, “The Giraffe”, “The Ancient Roman”, “The Sheep” and “The Chicken”, “The Telephone”, “The Radio” and “The Boxer”.

The attendees at the Workshop had the opportunity to work side by side with chef Aresu, understanding the technical details and the key secrets to create such amazing chocolate masterpieces

Gianluca Aresu is maître chocolatier and patissier of international level, specialized in the manufacturing of artistic chocolate on hollow shapes.