ICAM renews CHOCO CUBE appointments for 2020

After the success achieved during 2019, ICAM has started the 2020 edition of CHOCO CUBE – Culture, Competence and Creativity. A common space in which ICAM puts all its expertise and know how at the service of confectioners, chocolatiers, ice-cream makers and professionals of the sector to promote their growth through the exchange of knowledge, while at the same time strengthening the culture of chocolate, to the point of defining future trends.

ICAM’s many years of experience are once again available to operators in the sector thanks to the excellence of the products of the Professional Line and the premium Agostoni brand. Inaugurated in February 2019, CHOCO CUBE has seen a succession of appointments during the past year that have attracted great interest from operators in the sector. Through 5 masterclasses and 8 workshops on the most varied processes, the more than 260 participants, including a hundred foreigners, were able to deepen and exchange their knowledge on topics such as: colors and shapes of chocolate, ice cream and frozen custards, reinterpretations of Italian pastry, the secrets of creative pralines and sweets typical of the holidays (Christmas and Easter).

Also for 2020, the company continues its commitment to a constant improvement of the quality offered through its products and confirms itself as the main ally of ice cream makers and confectioners on the national and international scene. The participants in CHOCO CUBE, hosted again this year free of charge in the ICAM factory in Orsenigo (CO), supported by the team of technical consultants of the company, together with internationally renowned chefs and pastry chefs; will share their skills during masterclasses and workshops planned throughout the year.

The calendar of the second edition of CHOCO CUBE was inaugurated on January 19 th at Sigep, the main trade fair in the sector, during a cooking show by Ernst Knam, a pastry chef who has long been ICAM’s testimonial, entitled “Ernst Knam’s ability to amaze: new combinations of sweet and savory”. Followed by a ChocoAperitivo by Salvatore Toma who, together with his team of technicians, offered guests an aperitif in which the nuances of chocolate perfectly combined with savory preparations followed the cooking show. On this occasion, the CHOCO CUBE calendar for the 2020 edition was unveiled.

The sessions began with an appointment entitled “Playing with ice cream, innovation of flavors and consumption proposals”. This appointment was possible thanks to the combination of the experience of Salvatore Toma, pastry chef, CHOCO CUBE educational coordinator and ICAM technical consultant since 2016, and the precious contribution of Carpigiani University, an important partner, which allowed to bring on board the experience and expertise of one of its master gelato makers, Stefano Tarquinio. Together with the expertise of partners, technical consultants and guests of honor, Chef Salvatore Toma will lead other appointments that will deepen various areas of experience. They will start from modern pastry and desserts on the plate, moving on to pralines, sweet and savory pastries, in order to explore the versatility of ICAM products and the experience of the chef, finally arriving at the focus on the typical desserts of the Christmas period.

“For my creations I always choose ICAM chocolate, for its quality and flexibility in every field of processing, including ice cream and confectionery, said Salvatore Toma, CHOCO CUBE educational coordinator and ICAM technical consultant since 2016. The ICAM chocolate to which I feel most attached is the Fondente Gran Cru Agostoni Pachiza 70% for its characteristic notes of red fruits and honey”.

The special guests who will be involved in the masterclasses and workshops of CHOCO CUBE will be: Gianluca Aresu, master chocolatier specialized in the processing of artistic chocolate on hollow bodies; Ernst Knam, master chocolatier and confectioner, testimonial of the brand ICAM Linea Professionale and Agostoni; Mario Di Costanzo, master confectioner and chocolatier able to bring stylistic innovation in the art of contemporary pastry and chocolate making and Stefano Tarquinio master ice cream maker of Carpigiani University.

CHOCO CUBE will be supported by a vast team of national and international technicians and consultants, by the pastry chefs and technical consultants ICAM in Slovenia, Simon Kobilca and Irenka Rovanšek and by the pastry chefs and maître chocolatier who will take turns leading theoretical and practical sessions, which will be: Gaetano Mignano, the young Marco Nessi and the equally young newcomer from Turin Giancarlo Alosa. In addition to being curators of the advanced training courses provided by CHOCO CUBE, the ICAM technical consultants will also take care of the activities of ad hoc demonstrations for national and international customers.

The realization of the masterclasses and workshops also supported in 2019 by some important partners who played a fundamental role in the realization of the CHOCO CUBE project. For 2020 we have confirmed the same partners plus a new entry that we are happy to announce. This is Carpigiani University, the first ice cream school in Italy and abroad that will contribute to the achievement of an increasingly high level of professionalism and experience of the 2020 courses. An ally that represents a point of reference for ice- cream makers, entrepreneurs, chefs and pastry chefs, a solid and avant-garde reality at the disposal of those who want to learn or deepen their knowledge of the art of Italian ice-cream.

The other important partners that have followed the project since the first edition are:
Babbi – Confectionery Company dedicated to the production of cones, wafers and semi-finished products for master ice cream makers.
Cove – food colorants for professionals, fat-soluble, water-soluble, paste and pearly to decorate cakes made of sugar paste and plastic chocolate.
FBM – manufacturer and supplier of systems and machines for the processing of Chocolate, Biscuits and “bean to bar”.
Fruilinox – manufacturing company that designs manufactures and assists a range of professional equipment for conservation and refrigeration.
Fruteiro – the first supplier in Italy of tropical fruit pulp, which supplies a selection of distributors through the HO.RE.CA. channel and the artisan ice cream shop.
Hammered – equipment, accessories and tools for pastry and ice cream making.
Novacart – world leader in the production of paper items for cooking and food presentation.
Pavoni – molds and professional equipment for the white art market, professional pastry and ice cream shop
and HO.RE.CA.
Selmi – leader in the production of machines for the processing of artisan chocolate and for the roasting of
coffee, dried fruit and cocoa.

Below is the full calendar of sessions scheduled for 2020
Given the particular emergency situation, the timetable could be subject to changes not dependent on the will of ICAM s.p.a

April 21 st – 09.00 / 17.30 – SUSPENDED
Masterclass – Mario di Costanzo
“Re-elaboration of Italian classics in a modern key.”

April 22 / 23 rd – 09.00 / 17.30 – SUSPENDED
Practical workshop – Mario di Costanzo
“Re-elaboration of Italian classics in a modern key.”

May 5 th – 09.00 / 17.30 – SUSPENDED
Masterclass – Salvatore Toma and Ilenia Zini Chef Pastry Chef at Hotel Spol Livigno
“Modern confectionery and platter dessert.”

May 25 / 26 / 27 th – 09.00 / 17.30 – SUSPENDED
Advanced technical course with Salvatore Toma
“Pralines: shapes, colors and combinations of flavors.”

June 9 th – 09.00 / 17.30 – SUSPENDED
Masterclass – Salvatore Toma
“Chocolate: sweet and savory pastry.”

June 16 th – 09.00 / 17.30 – SUSPENDED
Masterclass – Mario Di Costanzo
“The summer mignon according to Mario Di Costanzo.”

September 15 th – 09.00 / 17.30
Practical workshop – Gianluca Aresu
“Chocolate decorations for mignons and cakes.”

September 28 / 29 / 30 th – 09.00 / 17.30
Practical workshop – Salvatore Toma
“Chocolate in all its forms: pralines, bars, snacks.”

October 13 th – 09.00 / 17.30
Masterclass – Salvatore Toma
“Christmas interpretations: pastry, chocolate and cookies.”

October 20 th – 09.00 / 17.30
Masterclass – Gianluca Aresu
“Christmas according to Gianluca Aresu”

November 10/11 th – 09.00 / 17.30
Workshop – Salvatore Toma and Carpigiani University
“Ice cream and pastry: a combination of creativity and flavors.”

Notice: Courses with limited places, reserved to professionals operating in the pastry sector. For further information please contact your sales agent or send an email to: chococube@icamcioccolato.it